Savvy shoppers save on homeowners insurance

You think you’re a  pretty shrewd shopper—and maybe you are.  Anyone can spend money, but it takes a wise homeowner to look around and get the best deal on Arizona homeowners insurance quotes.

So at this point you may be wondering if there are any secrets to saving on this costly necessity and the answer is a hearty “Yes!”   There are deals to be had and you can have them. It is as easy as….

…asking for them.  That’s right. Ask for them.

Now, we’re not used to asking for discounts. Here in America, we don’t like to haggle. We pay the list price, maybe buy on sale and that’s how we’re most comfortable.  Well, take a step out of that paradigm because to get the very best deals, you are going to have to ask.

It’s not that homeowners insurance goes on sale. It doesn’t, of course.  But it is extremely common for insurers to offer discounts to policy-holders. That is, under certain circumstances.  The thing is, you may not know the circumstances. They are not obvious. That’s why you must ask.

Here is the question to ask, and it’s the easiest question you’ve ever asked: “What discounts do I qualify for?”  See? That wasn’t so hard, was it?  Have you heard the saying “ask and you shall receive?”  That’s the way it is with insurers. You must ask the question to be sure you haven’t left any money on the table.

For example, a company might give you a new customer discount. Have you thought of that? Probably not, but ask anyway.  Or, your current company might give you a retention discount just for staying with them. Bet you didn’t think that was possible, but some insurers will discount you for sticking with them.

There might be other discounts too: one for having a security system. A bigger one for having a more sophisticated security system. Do you live in a gated community? Near a firehouse? Are you a nonsmoker? Have you been claim-free?  Is your roof new or impact-resistant?

Sometimes you can get a discount simply by applying for a new policy—new rates may be lower for new policies. Strange, but true.

You can see there are a variety of discounts that might be available, some that you wouldn’t have thought of. Just ask.