Prevent claims: drive safely

It’s much easier to take measures now to prevent a claim than it is to deal with car repair, serious injury or worse if an accident should happen.  Most of us make careless errors every day when we drive and it’s only good luck that seems to keep us out of harm’s way. Or from filing an expensive insurance claim that will cost us even more in premiums when we’ve got to get New York car insurance quotes.

Although we can’t control what others do on the road, we can control what we do.

Pedal to the Metal

Speeding is a pretty common error on the road. Speed creeps up without our even noticing it. It’s easy to do on a highway when the flow of traffic is rushing by. But sometimes, in town, we don’t notice speed limit signs. For example, the speed limit in most school zones is 25 mph when children are present. If we miss that, it’s an expensive fine. Most of the time we’re not near a traffic cop, but if we were, we’d get a moving violation. Moving violations count against you when insurers calculate a premium. Speeding is not safe and it can be expensive, too.

Dealing with Distractions

Many local governments forbid texting while driving, but the ubiquitous nature of cell phones means it is always a distraction. Even if the phone rings and we are hands-free, it is a distraction.  Our vehicle navigation system is a distraction, too. Or maybe you are driving a car full of kids to a baseball game. Or taking your rambunctious dog to the vet.

Have you ever realized that you’ve driven a mile or two lost in thought and without any idea of how you got to your destination? It happens.  A chief cause of traffic accidents is driving while distracted. If you are at the wheel you need to be awake and aware, completely.


Risky Driving

It is a wonder more people don’t hit other cars when they change lanes, because not looking before that move is fairly common.  Most people do not even signal when they change lanes, but even that is insufficient. A good driver turns his or her head to check their blind spot. That’s one reason newer cars are offering blind spot notification—it’s a problem.

How about running a red light? Or sliding through a right turn on red without checking? You probably see these errors every day and maybe even make one or two.