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Your New Jersey Health Insurance Options

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the US.  Along with being heavily populated near New York City and Philadelphia, several large cities within New Jersey itself help to make it as crowded as it is.  Regardless of the socioeconomic conditions, languages, and lifestyles, every person living within the state is required by law to have New Jersey health insurance.  With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review what your health insurance options from if you live in the state.

  1.  If You Have No Job and are 65 or Above

If you are over the age of 65, then you are eligible for Medicare.  Medicare is a government run insurance coverage designed specifically for individuals in retirement and later life.  It is not considered the best option, however it helps to provide every person over 65 with some coverage.  As some coverage is far better than none, it is recommended that you get Medicare if there is no other options available and you meet the criteria.

  1.  If You Have No Job, Earn Very Little, Or Are Below 65

Many people have jobs that do not earn them enough to be over the poverty line.  In addition, people who are currently in between jobs and without work require health insurance as well, even if they cannot afford it.  Medicaid exists for people under the age of 65 and is designed to provide a standard of care for everyone who would otherwise fall through the cracks.  Providing medical assistance to those who need it the most, Medicaid helps individuals not be burdened with additional debt if and when they are injured or otherwise require medical assistance.

  1.  If You Have A Job But No Insurance Option Is Provided

If you do not have an insurance option provided through your employment, then you have the state-federal partnership exchange set up through the Affordable Care Act.  Depending on your required level of coverage and income, you can select through various options on the exchange to find a plan that works for you.  This information can be accessed online or at special centers set up to help people like you get an insurance plan.

  1.  If You Have A Job That Provides Health Insurance

If your place of employment provides health insurance options, then you can select through what your company provides coverage for and choose a plan that suites your needs.


How big a deal is California Health Insurance?

Health insurance in California is a big deal.  Being the most populated state in the union, it is required by law that every person have some form of health insurance.  And, with nearly 38 million people, that means a lot of options as well as a lot of unique cases.  Figuring out where you stand in all of this can be very confusing, especially if you are new to health insurance.  With that in mind, lets answer a few basic questions that can help you determine what kinds of California health insurance are available to you.

  1.  Are You Over the Age Of 65?

If you are over the age of 65, then you qualify for Medicare.  Medicare is a safety net option created by the government to provide care for everyone over 65 years old.  Being that it is designed as a last resort, many people will decide to stay on pre-existing medical coverage if at all possible.  If it is not possible, then Medicare is your only available option.

  1.  Are You Under 65, And Employed Or Earning Very Little?

If you are under 65 in age and are either underemployed or earning very little, then it is suggested that you get Medicaid.  Medicaid, like Medicare, is offered by the government.  However, Medicaid is for those under 65 years of age and is generally considered less expensive and more expansive than Medicare.  Medicaid is also a social safety net, providing coverage for millions of people as they try towards a more stable and supportive form of employment.  As no person can stop themselves from being laid off if fortunes are working against them, Medicaid is often seen as a necessity.

  1.  Are You Employed But Your Work Does Not Provide Insurance?

There are millions of hard-working California residents whose employers do not provide some form of health insurance to their employees.  Because of this, individuals will have to find coverage through the state run marketplace.  Set up by the Affordable Care Act, the medical exchange exists as a place where you can select your level of overage and find a plan that meets both your medical need as well as ability to pay.

4  Are You Employed And Does Your Employer Offer Health Insurance?
Employer provided health insurance is usually the easiest to work out.  When getting the job, you have to select what health insurance plan you want and how much money you want to pay into it.